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Noise pollution is a serious problem, especially when you live in a metropolitan area with high road traffic, very busy streets even at night or even in areas with heavy air traffic. Too much noise in the home environment can damage your health by disturbing sleep and causing increased stress hindering study and concentration.

The noise level is measured in decibels (dB). A comfortable noise level is about 35 dB during the day and 30 dB at night.

The sash windows Conte1828 ensure high sound insulation due to the thickness of their wooden profiles, the patented pressure-locking system and the use of laminated glass with 45dB of noise reduction.

The acoustic laminated glass consists of two glass panes attached with a special plastic film which reduces the propagation of sound from one glass to the other. In this way, it absorbs and weakens the sound energy and acts as a barrier against noise. The film of plastic material also has the additional properties of safety and burglary protection typical of laminated glass: in case of impact with breakage of the glass sheet the shards are not dispersed, but retained by the PVB film (there is greater safety in case there are children or pets who could swallow the fragments). CLASS ANTI-INJURY 2B2.

Home is the place to retreat from the world and escape the pressures of your working life. With sash windows Conte1828 it is really possible to shut out the noise and enjoy your domestic space in all peace and quiet.

Thermal insulation.
Thermal insulation.

The sash windows Conte1828 are leaders in thermal insulation. The thickness of the sash sections, the patented pressure-locking system, the low-emissivity double-glazing glass guarantee the absence of unpleasant drafts of cold air, the reduction of heating costs in winter and an effective protection against the heat in summer. The sashes of our windows have a higher thickness compared to traditional sash windows to be able to offer better insulation and to house thicker and performing insulated windows.

The low emission glass that we use is a new generation of glass product. Thanks to a thin and transparent metal layer deposited on the glass surface, the low-emissivity glass keeps the warmth of the heating inside the dwelling not allowing it to escape through the windows.
At the same time, it allows light and solar heat to pass through the glass, therefore heating the house and further contributing to the energy efficiency of the windows.

This means:
• cost savings due to lower energy bills than those with standard windows! • more comfortable environment in winter with fewer drafts near doors and windows. • less condensation because the inside of the glass surface remains warmer, reducing internal condensation and prolonging the life cycle of your windows.

In cases where your home is subject to an excessive overheating in summer we propose our selective glass. Thanks to the solar control it allows to reflect up to 2/3 of the heat of the sun to the outside, keeping the environment fresher and saving on air-conditioning costs.
This special glass during the winter keeps the same properties of low emission glass, retaining the house heating inside.

The choice of the type of glass must be optimised taking into account the home geographical location, orientation and size of windows.

Burglary protection.
Burglary protection.

Safety is a nice feeling. At home we all want to feel safe. Intrusion and theft attempts ruin this sensation, sometimes even for ever: a break-in can be a real shock, which often weighs more than economic damage.

The sash window Conte1828 is able to oppose a great resistance to break-in attempts thanks to its security hardware, to the anti-breakthrough glass and to the block of the manual lifting.

Security Hardware: There are several closing points to reduce the risk of unhinging the sash by burglar. By turning the handle the cams installed on the sash lock into the safety locking terminals fixed onto the frame, creating a strong and reliable locking, thus reducing the risk of levering the sash.

Anti-breakage glass: the window panes that make up the safety glazing we use are equipped with a robust and elastic PVB film to prevent the breakthrough of the pane in case of accidental impact or attack by a thief. This film not only increases the safety of shatterproof glass, but it also binds the fragments in case of breakage, thereby preventing injuries.

Block of the manual lifting: both sashes can only be lifted or lowered by the electric motors. The block inserted in the engines it helps to prevent theft once the sashes are closed.

Conservation area design.
Conservation area design.

The pleasure of living in a historic home is a privilege reserved for a few people.

Conte1828 faithfully reproduce the aesthetics and the traditional details of the British sash windows, so that our sash windows can replace the existing ancient windows with full respect for the original design imposed in the “Conservation Areas”, also reproducing any kind of glazing bar and horn.

Even if the new sashes are much thicker than the old one, to achieve higher soundproofing and thermal insulation, they look light just like the ancient one.

With just a look from the sidewalk nobody will see any difference, instead every single night and every cold and windy day you will feel the difference of living in a more comfortable home.

Home automation.
Home automation.

Among the many reasons to choose the sash windows Conte1828, home automation plays a major role. Both sashes of our sash windows are opened by means of electric motors.

The upper sash has a limited opening of 20 cm and is designed to allow air exchange without sacrificing the anti-intrusion security. After a risk and safety approval issued by a third company the movement of the upper sash is designed to be entrusted to home automation. For example if there are humidity and CO2 sensors implemented into the home automation they will independently be able to manage the timing of the opening and closing of the upper sashes of the whole house, even when the occupants are at work, ensuring clean fresh air forever, increasing the quality of life, without wasting money.

The lower sash, controlled by an electric button located nearby the window, offers a complete opening as classic sash windows, however we do recommend connecting the lower sash to an automated system for opening and closing only after installing special safety devices to prevent injury to persons, animals or things.

Ease of glass cleaning.
Ease of glass cleaning.

Thanks to the 180° tilting system the cleaning of the windows is finally also possible on the outer side.

Easily, safely and cost saving: with the sash windows Conte1828 is no longer necessary to program any cleaning services.

The glass cleaning is further facilitated by the possibility of opening the glazing bars frame thus allowing to clean the entire surface of the glazing, without the burden of having to clean the individual glazing panels and the glazing bars corners.

Electric opening system.
Electric opening system.

The sash opening takes place mechanically, thanks to some electric 220V motors. With this technology it is enough to push a button nearby the window to lift up or down both sashes individually. The upper sash can be controlled by the Home Automation in order to make an automatic and efficient air recirculation.

In the event of a power failure the lower sash can be moved manually, from inside only, by using the provided handle.

All mechanical components are hidden inside the frame; nonetheless they are easily accessible for maintenance by removing the covers.

Maintenance operations are made safe by a security system that disables the electric motors when the covers are open. Thanks to the engine block it is impossible to manually lift the sash from the outside.

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